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To help you find our Tennis Club use this link to google maps Find us   Post Code GL11 5NL    

Cam and Dursley Tennis Club is situated behind Cam Recreational Ground, opposite Millikens, Cam Mills, off Everlands Road, Cam.

There are three hard courts, two of which have floodlights.

Prospective new members are most welcome to attend a maximum of 5 sessions at £2 per session; this will be deducted from the membership

Free British Tennis Membership

It is important that all members are signed up for British Tennis membership, as the more members we have, the more Wimbledon 

tickets we qualify for.  Also, this year all league players have to be members to enable them to participate.  So please sign up on the LTA 

website, Membership is free for registered club members. Click here for Free Membership-> https://www.lta.org.uk 


Subscription levels have changed. Please click here to see the new levels for 2019/2020.
If you would like to join Cam and Dursley Tennis Club,  
membership forms available, simply click here.


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Sunday mornings 10.30am until 12.00 noon
Tuesday afternoons 1.30 until 4.00pm (Summer)
Tuesday afternoons 1.00 until 4.00pm (Winter)
Thursday evenings 7.00pm until 10.00 pm
Friday evenings 7.00pm until 10.00 pm


Megan Butterworth has been appointed as our new club coach, commencing on Tuesday 6th June.  She will be at the courts on Tuesday afternoons from 4.00 pm onwards. There is a planned introductory session on Saturday 27th May Click here for more info.

For Megan Butterworth website click here to view


What is going on in the Cam and Dursley Tennis Club is reported in the autumn newsletter. Just click here to view





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