Court Bookings

    A new online court booking system, to replace our paper booking sheets.

    Please note you need to be a member.


     Go to this link 


    1)  Sign in. There are several ways in. The first time you will have to answer a few basic registration-type questions. 

    2) You will arrive at a booking sheet. Select a court, time and date and just book it. You can book up to 14 days in advance.  

    3) You will be sent an email reminder. 

    4) Bookmark the website for future use. 

    It should be as straight forward as that!  Any problems? 

    1) In the first instance look at the very easy to understand user manual here:  

    2) Contact the Cam and Dursley tennis club web administrator's email address and he will try to help:

    We look forward to seeing you on court!